Hi, I’m Isaac. I am based in Tucson, Arizona and I’m setting my sights on the world. I have worked with media outlets such as Paper Magazine, Tucson Foodie, A Taste of AZ Magazine, among many others. I have been a working professional photographer for 8 years I thoroughly enjoy documenting life in unconventional, off kilter ways that bring a novel perspective to whatever I point my camera at.

Client Reviews

Prabhs Singh // Studio Singh

I stumbled on Isaac’s IG profile Off Kilter Photos a while ago when I first started my business. Over time, I needed help as I couldn’t do everything myself, and I trusted him to capture what it meant to be a knife maker. Isaac is nothing short of a true Tucson hidden gem. His skill, eye, personality, and determination be the best he can be for his clients sets him apart from the rest.

1 / 5